Visit of Mr. Alexander A. Arvizu, U.S. Ambassador in Albania at Psycho-Social Centre “Vatra”

On June 17, 2013, Mr. Alexander A. Arvizu, U.S Ambassador in Albania, together with other representatives of the U.S Embassy visited “Vatra” Shelter for victims of trafficking.
Mr. Arvizu and the other representatives met closely the staff of Psycho-Social Centre “Vatra” as well as the beneficiaries who are currently being treated in the Centre.
The Executive Director of the Centre made a presentation of Vatra’ s work in general, rehabilitation and reintegration services for victims of trafficking and victims of violence as well as the difficulties and challenges that Vatra’ s staff face during their assistance.
Mr. Arvizu appraised the encouraging work of Vatra’ s staff and assured the continuation of support and cooperation of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana with “Vatra”.

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