Target Groups

``Vatra`` Psycho-Social Center extends its services and activities to individuals and organizations, welcoming everyone with an interest in addressing women's issues, without regard to ethnic, political, or religious affiliations.

Our organization plays a crucial role in the community:
  • Reference Information Center: “Vatra” serves as an informative hub, providing valuable resources and guidance on women, youth, and children-related issues.
  • Activity: We function as a dynamic center that fosters opportunities for organizations, women, and other stakeholders to come together, engage in discussions, and organize various activities concerning women, youth, and children’s challenges.
  • Training Facility: As a dedicated training center, “Vatra” offers educational programs for individuals and groups within its area of expertise.
  • Educational Resource: Our center operates as an educational hub, offering a rich library stocked with literature focused on the issues faced by women, youth, and children.
The target groups benefiting from the activities are:
  • Victims of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked.
  • Victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other forms of gender-based violence.
  • Children of victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and other forms of gender-based violence.
  • Individuals facing social and economic challenges.
  • Persons with special needs.
  • High school and secondary school students.
  • Marginalized communities.
  • Representatives of state and non-state institutions, both national and international.

``Vatra`` is located in Vlore, Albania, but it provides services to the aforementioned target groups throughout the entire country of Albania. We remain committed to inclusivity, striving to create a supportive environment for all.