Success Stories

On July 19, 2022, the Legislative Committee approved article by article the draft law for the establishment of a public registry for authors of sexual crimes. This was a significant success not only for the 28 civil society organizations, initiators, and proposers of this law but especially a victory for 22,000 Albanian citizens who signed the petition. Vatra was one of the organizations actively involved in the field to collect citizens' signatures in Vlore.

Since 2022, Vatra has been part of the WWP EN network, the European Network for Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence. At the Legal Clinic of Vatra Center, counseling services are provided for abusive men and boys, considering them as part of the solution. Over the years, Vatra has supported over 100 abusive boys and men with counseling services, referred by the Court, Local Police Directorate in Vlore, Municipal Coordinator against Violence, and the community. In one year, more than 30 perpetrators participate in direct counseling sessions. In addition to counseling and rehabilitation services, prevention is also an essential component. Every year, Vatra Center conducts informative sessions and forums in schools, universities, and the community.

Since its establishment, “Vatra” has assisted 2659 victims/potential victims of human trafficking (2597 women and girls and 62 men and boys), 2190 victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence (1929 women and girls and 261 men and boys) and 761 children of victims of all kind of violence and trafficking.

In 2018 Vatra with the financial support of the European Commission through Save the Children, established the first Legal Clinic in Southern Albania which provides legal and psychological support and assistance for victims of trafficking and gender-based violence. Every year the Legal Clinic assists more than 250 victims of trafficking and violence and their children.

In 2017, Vatra was a member of the working group (among 6 organizations in Albania) in drafting the first Legal Education Public Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2023.

During the period from September 15 to December 31, 2016, through the project ``Support for the economic and social empowerment of victims of domestic violence and victims of trafficking through the Municipal Councils of Vlora District,`` funded by the Albanian Women Empowerment Network - AWEN, with SIDA funds, ``Vatra`` Center worked on establishing Women's Advisory Alliances in the Municipal Councils of Himare and Selenice and strengthening the Women's Advisory Alliance of the Municipal Council of Vlore.

Every year Vatra contribute with inputs and recommendation for US Tip Reports and EU progress Report for Albania in the anti-trafficking field (for this last directly to consultation meetings in Brussels facilitated financially by Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation since 2010)

Since 2001, Vatra has supported 10 victims of human trafficking, including one with her child, to be included in witness protection programs of international agencies. Additionally, another victim was supported to be included in the national witness protection program in 2018.

Vatra Center is a member and signatory of the Agreement of National Referral Mechanism for identification, referral, and protection of victims/potential victims of trafficking (since 2005 and upon its revision in 2012) and also a member of the Anti-trafficking National Responsible Authority.

Vatra is a partner of the Albanian Government in the development and implementation National Anti-Trafficking Strategy and Action Plans (since 2001 and ongoing, the last one 2021-2023) and also in the development and implementation the national strategy against gander based violence (the last one has been drafted for 2021 -2030.

In 2001, “Vatra” with the support of Save the Children expanded its activity by establishing the first Shelter in Albania, which continues to provide accommodation, rehabilitation, and reintegration services for, Albanian and Foreign victims of human trafficking and their children, as well victims of gender-based violence.

Since 1999, “Vatra” has implemented numerous projects focusing on community information and awareness on trafficking in human beings, violence, direct services for the victims, capacity building of structures dealing with anti-trafficking and violence, advocacy, and lobbying. More than 35,000 people have benefited from awareness projects.