Psychological service for children of victims of trafficking at “Vatra” Center

3 February 2021

Psychological service for children of victims of trafficking at “Vatra” Center

Psychological service is a basic need for the beneficiaries of the “Vatra” Center, victims of trafficking as well as for their children.

For children witnesses of trafficking, psychological support is provided in order for their personality to develop healthily.

Ana is a 7-year-old girl who started first grade of school this year. Her life has not been easy. The mother was not always present during the first years of life and she never knew her father. Two months ago, Ana started attending therapy with the psychologist of “Vatra” Center after she expressed to her mother thoughts to harm herself. In parallel, the psychologist has also worked with the mother in order to empower her to make decisions in her life, for proper parenting and to live a more emotionally peaceful life.

Currently Anna’s emotional state is significantly improved. She has begun to build healthy relationships with family and new classmates.

“My close friend is called Megi. We both protect each other when other children bully us. My friend is very nice and loving to me.”

Anna’s self-harming thoughts are significantly minimized. Currently, the psychologist is continuing the work to improve the girl’s self-image and the total elimination of self-harming thoughts which have come as a result of feelings of abandonment.

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