Great award from the Department of American State “Heroine of the Fight against Human Trafficking”

Great award from the Department of American State “Heroine of the Fight against Human Trafficking”

On 17 June 2009 Mrs. Vera Lesko, the Executive Director of the Psycho – Social Center “Vatra” for twelve consecutive years and currently honorary chairman of Vatra, was honored with the great award from the Department of American State “Heroine of the Fight against Human Trafficking.”
This award was delivered to Mrs. Lesko personally by the Secretary of State Department, Mrs. Hillary Clinton at the ceremony organized in Washington in the framework of the publication of the Report of the Department of State for the year 2009, on trafficking in human beings.

The Department of the American State in this report estimates in maximum 9 people from around the world among whom was Mrs.Vera Lesko, for the dedicated work and contribution they have provided in the fight against human trafficking.

Albania this year was ranked in the second group, while for years it has been in the third group including countries with highlighted problems on the development of the phenomenon of human trafficking.

The situation presented in the report on the phenomenon of trafficking in Albania, was so real as critical. The Albanian government and all the state institutions of the anti-trafficking field should evaluate this report seriously and begin to work for taking measures in accordance with the provided recommendations.

The transfer of Albania from the third group to the second, for the problems of human trafficking it is an achievement as a result of the work and efforts that Vatra Center has made during these 12 years in cooperation with central and local state institutions of the anti-trafficking field, and as well the international organizations, without the support and encouragement of whom Vatra would not have these results.

Mrs. Vera Lesko former Executive Director of Vatra, currently honorary chairwoman of Vatra, has been evaluated in years by International and national awards such as:

Antislavery Award in London, by Antislavery organization in 2003
On 3 March 2006 Mrs. Vera Lesko received the prize Gratitude by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the commitment of freeing the girls, victims of human trafficking.
On 12 March 2009 , Mrs. Vera Lesko was honored with the prize Woman of Courage, by the American Ambassador Mr. John Withers, in Tirana
Also Mrs. Vera Lesko, on 17 June 2009 she received the prize Hero acting to end Modern – Day Slavery by the U.S Department of State and it has been delivered to her personally by Mrs. Hillary Clinton, in Washington, USA.
All these awards oblige us the staff of Vatra with greater responsibilities to realize successfully in the future our mission so human and difficult.

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