About Us

“Vatra” Psycho-Social Center is an Albanian non-profit organization that provides services and expertise for the prevention and protection of victims of trafficking, domestic and societal violence. Vatra’s activity dates back to 1999. It has been initially registered as a non-profit organization at Vlora District Court (Decision 693, dated. 02.10.2001) and subsequently, it has been registered at Tirana District Court (Decision 211, dated. 17.01.2005). Since 2004, Vatra has been licensed by the National Licensing Center for the provision of residential and community services.

“Vatra” Psycho-Social Center aims at “preventing trafficking in human beings, domestic and gender-based violence and socio-economic protection and empowerment of victims of these phenomena through information, education, advocacy, social, residential and community services”.

``Vatra`` Psycho-Social Center has a staff of 29 professionals (24 full-time and 5 part-time) consisting of social workers, a psychologist, a teacher, a doctor/nurse, lawyers, an employment specialist, financial and administrative managers, logistics workers, etc. 15 volunteers have also been engaged with Vatra, and contribute to the implementation of Vatra's activities and services. ``Vatra`` Psycho-Social Center is directed by an external Board, consisting of 5 members, who are representatives of educational institutions, civil society, business, media, etc.


Since 1999, “Vatra” has implemented numerous projects focusing on community information and awareness on trafficking in human beings and violence, direct services for survivors of these phenomena, capacity building of anti-trafficking and violence structures, advocacy and lobbying. Since 1999, more than 35 thousand community members and local structures have been part of informative and awareness activities as well as activities for capacity building.


In 2001, “Vatra” with the support of Save the Children expanded its activity by establishing the first Shelter in Albania, (which continues with its activity even today) for the accommodation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of foreign and Albanian survivors of human trafficking. Since 2001 have been assisted 2606 survivors of human trafficking and 627 children of survivors as well as more than 2000 victims of domestic violence. Since 2001, 10 victims of human trafficking (one of the victims with a child) have been supported by Vatra to be included in the program of witness protection of international agencies and another victim has been supported to be included in the national program for the protection of witnesses, in 2018.


In 2004 with the financial support of IREX, USA Vatra established the first Anti-Trafficking Network of Local Institutions which has been evaluated and followed as a model by the Albanian government in 2006. Thus, in May 2006 Albanian Government established the Regional Anti-Trafficking Committee in 12 districts of Albania, composed of local institutions and NGOs.


Since 2005, Vatra has been a member of the National Referral Mechanism for Victims of Human Trafficking as well as a member of local mechanisms for the protection of survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. Vatra is also a member of the Transnational Referral Mechanism.


In 2018 Vatra with the financial support of the European Commission through Save the Children, established the first Legal Clinic in Southern Albania which provides legal and psychological support and assistance for victims of trafficking and gender-based violence. Every year the Legal Clinic assists more than 250 victims of trafficking and violence and their children.