On the 18th of October, on the occasion of the European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings, Psycho-Social Centre “Vatra” in cooperation with 2 other organizations operating in Vlora District, World Vision and “Aulona” Centre, organized a sensitizing activity in the public premises of the city.


The activity took place in one of the public premises in the city of Vlorë (in front of the Sports Palace and near the “Riviera” Commercial Centre) where the presence of people is even bigger.


The activity consisted in showing 2 illustrating videos:

Video of Psycho-Social Centre “Vatra” which has been realized in 2009 with the support of CAAHT with USAID funds. Through this video is transmitted the interview of one of the beneficiaries former victim of trafficking assisted by “Vatra” who tells her story of exploitation and how she currently feels (without exploitation) and assistance for her rehabilitation and reintegration into normal life.
The second video illustrated the stories of 2 girls victims of trafficking who through deceit had been trafficked within and outside the country. The video showed the way in which they had been deceived, recruited and transported thus transformed into victims of trafficking.
Passers-by, of all age groups showed interest to watch both video-s and afterwards discussed them even with Vatra’ s staff, present in the activity.


Above the large screen in which videos were shown was placed a banner with the main slogan “STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING”. Similarly, the banner gave the messages, “no to the trafficking of girls and women”, “no to the sexual abuse of girls”, “no to the children’s trafficking and exploitation,” “no to the exploitation into forced labour”, etc.

In the framework of this activity, throughout the day, Vatra’ s staff and volunteers distributed leaflets and brochures to the passers-by and posters on the topic of human trafficking were stuck in various premises.

The aim of the activity was the sensitizing and awareness raising of the community of Vlora city about the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings and the problems it generates not only for victims of trafficking, but for the whole society.

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