For its contribution and success in the fight against trafficking in human beings, gender-based violence, and domestic violence, “Vatra” has been honored with awards by national institutions, international organizations, and institutions.


Below there is a list of awards received:

“Antislavery International”, awarded by the Antislavery International, London, UK, November 2003;

“Gratitude Award” from the Catholic Mission in Blinisht Lezhe on March 3, 2006;

“Women of Courage” award, presented to Ms. Vera Lesko (founder of Vatra Center and Honorary President and former Executive Director of “Vatra”) by the US State Department (American Ambassador, Mr. John Withers) during a high-level ceremony in Tirana on March 12, 2009;

“Heroin of Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings” for Ms. Vera Lesko awarded by the US State Department (presented by the State Secretary Hillary Clinton during a ceremony in Washington on June 16, 2009 in the framework of the 2009 State Department Report on trafficking in human beings).;

“Ambassador of Honor” presented to Ms. Vera Lesko by the Albanian Government, as a sign of acknowledgment for her work against human trafficking by former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ilir Meta, on February 4, 2010);

“Protagonist of the Year” presented to “Vatra” Center for its active role in the protection of women and girls victims of trafficking and domestic violence by Vlora Municipality, December 2014;

The OSCE Presence in Albania honored Ms. Brikena Puka, Executive Director of “Vatra”, with a Certificate “In recognition of her outstanding contribution to fulfilling the broader humanitarian and security goals of OSCE mandate in Albania, December 2015;

Child10 Award, awarded by Child10, presented by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden on the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings in recognition of Vatra’s extraordinary commitment and achievements in protecting children from trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation, Sweden, October 18, 2021.