Reintegration services impact the lives of victims of trafficking

Reintegration services impact the lives of victims of trafficking

July 08

Mira (not her real name) has spent many years living on the Palace of Culture’s stairwells. She was abandoned by both her chidren and her parents and was forced to live a life of suffering and without safety. Her dire conditions were noticed by a social worker from Vatra shelter, who decided to approach Mira, changing her life ever since. She was identified as a potential victim of trafficking after being solicited to be trafficked for sexual purposes through fraud and continued assault. With Vatra’s assistance Mira is receiving reintegration support services since July 2021.

She now has a safe place to live, food, clothing, receives adequate medical care, and she is more at ease. “You rescued me from the streets. My own kids have forgotten about me, and yet you transformed my life”, – says Mira.

Her emotional stability has also been improved by her close contact with the social worker. Mira receives tailored-support on regular basis and has finally lost contact with her traffickers. She was also recommended to the municipality of the city where she lives for rental bonus compensation, expanding the possibilities to her newly introduced life .

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