Project: “Strengthening capacities and policy engagement of community service providers – IRIS PROGRESS”

Action title: Participatory engagement to strengthen policies and services in Vlora Municipality

Duration: 12 Months, December 2023 – December 2024

The expected results of the project will be:

I- Assessment of the needs of groups in need and the need for services, as well as the situation of providing services in the Municipality of Vlora, studied and explored.

To design and finalize the plan, project experts will collaborate and consult with local agencies that provide state services, as well as members of representative community groups and stakeholders. Project staff will implement a consultation approach with at least five groups: Service-providing agencies and organizations, as well as community members:

  1. From the Roma and Egyptian groups
  2. From victims of gender-based violence and trafficking, as well as their children
  3. From children in need of protection
  4. From persons with disabilities and members of these groups
  5. From economically disadvantaged groups

This list is not exhaustive and at the end of the consultations it is expected that these groups will be informed about the results of the study and provide data and recommendations for the necessary services, which will be reflected in the finalization of the Social Plan

II- The Local Social Plan of Vlora Municipality 2024-2026 and the Monitoring Strategy are finalized, with the contribution and involvement of interest groups.

III – The Local Social Plan of Vlora Municipality is approved by the Municipal Council and the Mayor of Vlora, within May 2024.

IV – The monitoring report for the first year of implementation of the plan has been submitted to the responsible authorities

In the framework of this project, they will engage and benefit from direct and final beneficiary intervention.

a. The Municipality of Vlora is the main beneficiary that will benefit from the drafting and finalization of the Local Social Plan.

b. At least 25 members of local organizations (80% women and 20% men) will be directly engaged in consultation and input for the drafting of the Local Social Plan. They will make a contribution and increase the level of participation in decision-making and advocacy

Also, at least 30 representatives of local authorities (70% women and 30% men) will be directly engaged in consultations and input for the drafting of the Local Social Plan.

c. Final beneficiaries – approximately 2000 people (from a base reported by the Municipality there are at least 1700 people in need from different groups who are potential beneficiaries of the services) will benefit from the services within the Local Social Plan.

Funded by the European Union

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