In the framework of the “16 International Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women”, on 25 November with the financial support of Soros Foundation and Vlora Municipality, Vatra Centre realized the Public March with the theme: TOGETHER AGAINST VIOLE

The activity took place in the main boulevard of Vlora city and lasted 1 hour. The banner with the slogan: “Together against violence in family and society” led this public march and calls and messages against violence were conveyed through a loudspeaker placed in the car which accompanied the march.
For this activity was also cooperated with other state and non-state institutions such as: Police Directorate, Vlore, Directorate of Public Health, University of Vlora, Directorate of Education, Vlore, “Aulona”
Woman Centre, AULEDA Centre. Community members joined also the public march.
Throughout the day ribbons symbol of violence and leaflets were distributed and posters were stuck in various places of the city. Stamped T-shirts with the message “TOGETHER AGAINST VIOLENCE” were also donated to participants in the activity.

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