Capacity Building

Trainings, workshops, round tables, and mentoring, are conducted  at the national level, in all regions of Albania for strengthening the capacities of local structures, including NGOs in order to effectively recognize and implement national legislation, policies and procedures for the identification, referral and protection of victims of trafficking and gender-based violence is one of the priorities of Vatra's work.

Employees of state institutions and NGOs that become part of these activities are mainly: police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, social workers, health workers, child protection workers, employees of the labor inspectorate, state social service, etc.

Vatra offers its expertise to increase the capacities of local structures regarding:

- Recognition and implementation of national anti-trafficking and anti-violence legislation and policies, conventions and other international instruments recognized and ratified by the Albanian state;

- Knowledge and effective practices for the identification, referral, case management and protection.

- Knowledge and effective practice regarding service approaches to victims

For the realization of activities, Vatra uses the internal expertise of the staff who for years works towards the protection of victims of trafficking, violence and children, but according to the specifics of training, workshops, etc., also contracts external experts.

It was noted that trainings and other activities in this area have also strengthened the cooperation and coordination of Vatra with actors at the central and local level responsible for the protection of victims of trafficking and gender-based violence.

Vatra also attaches importance to the continuous capacity building of its staff. New staff members are involved in an internal training process and all staff members, regardless of work experience status, are encouraged to participate in other trainings in the field of anti-trafficking, gender equality, gender-based violence, etc., which are realized by partner institutions and organizations, inside and outside the country.